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Loyalty Pricing Quote for 100 Locations

Customized Loyalty Program with Branded White Label APP

APP Development                            $4000 one time                                            

APP Store Annual Fee                      $115 per year          


APP Monthly Maint Fee                    $200 per month        


Loyalty Monthly Subscription           $8500 per month ($85 per location*)

Startup Fee                                       $0**

*$85 per location is based on multiple location discount.

** There are no startup fees if loyalty is self-installed by the customer’s own certified POS tech.


The subscription includes:

  • Customer service line for your customers questions and registrations of cards.

  • Operator portal so you can make solid marketing decisions about promos and customer relations with the data collected (you own the data, we simply house it for you).

  • Unlimited promotions for loyalty customers such as buying clubs, pump rollbacks, discounts based on $ spent or items purchased, etc.

  • On-site representative from Points to Partners to ensure integrations and VPN connections are complete and the system is operational.  We will also train your store managers on transactions and test all initial triggers (promotions). 

  • Members can use their cards/app at any location to accumulate points at the rate you decide or redeem at the rate you decide.


The subscription does NOT include the cost of physical loyalty cards. Quote for cards can be provided separately if you’d like to use our supplier.


The process from the decision to go live for a group of your size is about 3 months. This process could be delayed if the following items are not submitted in a timely manner.

  • List of each POS & software version

  • List of each corresponding network router and identifier

  • List of fuel branding (if applicable)

  • List of each store manager’s name and contact information

  • APP design (branding)

  • Card design (if applicable)


The marketing of the program is up to the operator. We can share our supplier’s contact information for signage and printing.

Del Oliver

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