Customer Testimonials

From Truck Stop Owners who use Partner Points Rewards Program

"I have used Points to Partners for over 15 years and found their company very professional and accommodating. We use them for our Loyalty Card Program, our Gift Card Sales and Redemptions and for our direct mailing purposes.  I highly recommend their company and plan on using them for many years to come. We have achieved great benefits from the use of Points to Partners Loyalty Software"

Dave Cremmins / Owner / Texas T Bone Steakhouses

"I had been looking for a loyalty program for a number of years, and had talked to two different companies and started to use one, but their interface was difficult and the cost was extreme. I found Points to Partners, they were cost efficient and their service was fantastic. The ease of setup was a pleasant surprise and they were very friendly and very helpful in the setup and execution of our loyalty program.  They even came out to help with the rollout. 
I would recommend points to partners to anyone who needs a loyalty program."

Johnny Neri / WRE Travel Plaza, Gardnerville, NV